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Fundamental or practice-oriented: we offer diverse and exciting topics for theses.

Are you looking for a topic for your bachelor or master thesis? Would you like to work on exciting projects during your studies?

We offer you many possibilities!

We offer thesis topics on the latest research or in cooperation with industry. The topics are:

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence in Industries
  • Semantic Data Management
  • Industrial Natural Language Processing
  • Transparent and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial Transfer Learning
  • Sensory Time Series Data Analytics
  • and much more!

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Open Bachelor thesis

Industrial Deep Learning

  • Recreation of a Reinforcement Learning Approach for Production Planning (PDF)
  • Real-World Data Acqusition using Industrial Robots (PDF)

Interpretable Learning Models

  • Interpretability and Transparency of Vision Transformer Models (PDF)
  • Semantic Pattern Mining for Interactive Data Exploration (PDF)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Auf Abstand - Anforderungen an Personal Space in Virtual Reality (PDF)
  • Authoring Doors  - Erstellen von Interaktionen und Beziehungen zwischen Objekten in der VR (PDF)
  • Betrachtung des Potentials von Virtual Reality als neues Lehr- und Lernmedium (PDF)
  • Das Ego erforschen - Persönliche Avatare in virutellen Lernumgebungen (PDF)
  • Direkt vs. Indirekt - Wann und wie man mit der virtuellen Welt interagiert (PDF)
  • Durchführung einer explorativen Studie zu Determinierung diverser Parameter für Text in VR (PDF)
  • Einfluss von Abstraktion in Virtual Reality auf den Lernerfolg (PDF)
  • Kombination von 360° und raumbezogener VR (PDF)
  • Recherche, Einordnung und Umsetzung diverser Lehr- und Lernmethoden für verschiedene Kontexte in Virtual Reality (PDF)
  • Visuelle Komplexität in virtuellen Lernumgebungen (PDF)

Open Master Thesis

Digital Transformation

  • Publications and Citations: The Carrot of Science (PDF)
  • Implementierung der Digitalen Zwillinge in der Industrie (PDF)
  • Monetarisierung Von Daten mithilfe des Digitalen Zwillings (PDF)

Industrial Deep Learning

  • Texturerzeugung mit Deep Learning (PDF)
  • Process Model for Machine Learning-based Predictive Maintenance (PDF)
  • Leveraging Monte-Carlo Search for Reinforcement Learning Based Production Scheduling (PDF)
  • Interaktive Darstellung eines Roboters in Virtual Reality (PDF)

Interpretable Learning Models

  • Interpretability and Transparency of Vision Transformer Models (PDF)
  • Guided Visual Exploratory Data Analysis (PDF)
  • Semantic Pattern Mining for Interactive Data Exploration (PDF)

Semantic Systems Engineering

  • Der Weg zur automatisierten Inspiration: Reverse Engineering von Bild-Prompts in der KI-Generierung (PDF)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Nutzerbasierte Evaluierung diverser Virtual-Reality-Interaktionsarten in unterschiedlichen Anwendungskontexten (PDF)
  • Untersuchung verschiedener Fortbewegungsarten in Virtual Reality in Bezug auf den Anwendungskontext (PDF)
  • Wo ist die Funktion? - Untersuchung diverser Konzepte für Menüs in Virtual-Reality (PDF)

Ongoing thesis

Year Type Title Student
2023 BA Machine Learning Approach to Determine Post-View-Website-Visit Conversions of CTV Campaign Users for the Measurement of Advertising Campaigns Jeyhun Hasanl
2023 MA Machine learning method for predicting inspection interval parameters in manufacturing quality management Simon Zürn
2023 BA Effects of Adversarial State Perturbations on Emergent Language in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Osaze Obahor
2023 MA Effective Curriculum Learning Strategies for Deep Reinforcement Learning on the Job Shop Scheduling Problem Elias Theis
2023 MA Evaluation of Monte Carlo Tree Search as a Policy Improvement Operator for Reinforcement Learning Based Job Shop Scheduling Till Lemmer
2023 MA Investigation of XAI methods for quality prediction in arc welding using discrete representations of a vector quantised variational autoencoder Antonin Königsfeld
2023 BA Curricular Reinforcement Learning for the Dual-Resource Constrained Job Shop Scheduling Problem Max André Montag
2023 MA Decision Transformers for Solving Production Scheduling Problems via Reinforcement Learning Fabian Wolz
2023 MA Requirement analysis and specification for data processing within functions of an IoT platform for energy monitoring of retail chains. Jannik Bals

Completed thesis

Year Type Title Student
2023 BA Search Algorithms for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem Leveraging Trained Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents Paul Laszig
2023 MA Neuroscience-inspired Ablation Studies for Vision Transformer Florian Hölken
2023 BA A Study of the Transferability of Customer Churn Representation Approaches on Other E-Commerce Use Cases Ngoc Quynh Nhu Nguyen
2023 MA Automatization of image dataset generation using an industrial roboter and further analysis regarding its reproducibility Leon Wengenroth
2023 MA Pose Estimation using Deep Learning and Systematic Dataset Generation for Industrial Manufacturing. Ali Rida Bahja
2023 MA A Comparison of Customer Representation Approaches in E-Commerce Fahd Bouyaouzane
2023 MA Automatic texture extraction on synthetic images using 6D Pose Estimation Oliver Jan Jarosik
2022 MA Implementation and Evaluation of Representation Learning Approaches for Quality Classification of Arc Welding Mauritius Schulz
2022 MA Conceptualization, development and evaluation of a web-based demonstrator for the addressee-oriented conveyance of the methods and results of deep reinforcement learning based production scheduling Mohammad Malmir
2022 MA Investigation of multi-task transformer models for visual inspection of freight wagons Robin Teubert
2022 BA Literature analysis on the state-of-the-art of production scheduling using reinforcement learning. Mustafa Aydin
2022 BA Investigation of time constraints for quality prediction in arc welding using deep learning. Lars Thun
2022 BA A Study of the Transferability of Machine Learning Methods on Different E-Commerce Forecasting Tasks. Josias Schelkes
2022 MA Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Long-Term Time Series Forecasting David Stöter
2022 MA Considering Time in the Creation of Activity Embeddings in Online Shopping Sessions Mark Wönkhaus
2022 MA Deep Reinforcement Learning for Job Shop Scheduling: Extension of a Python based Simulation Framework to include Transport and Retooling Times Richard von Faber
2022 BA Cross Robot Imitation Learning through Behavior Cloning for Industrial Assembly Ilyes Rabai
2022 MA Improve Deep Learning-Based Recommender Systems by Learning Customer Preferences Saad Sebti
2022 BA Untersuchung ortsabhängiger Einflüsse auf Deep Learning Modelle bei der Vorhersage von Flusspegeln anhand realer Daten des Flusses Wupper Finn Lucas Elbl
2022 BA Investigation of the generalization ability of a reinforcement learning agent for production scheduling Merlin Montag
2022 BA Untersuchung der Generalisierungsfähigkeit eines Reinforcement Learning Agenten durch Permutationen in einem Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Jan Voets
2022 MA Evaluation and Comparison of Few-Shot Learning based Link Prediction Methods Rebecca Braken
2022 MA A Study of Recent Deep Learning-Based Recommender Systems by Evaluating Their Performance on Publicly Available Benchmark Datasets Shady Yehia
2022 BA An examination of the application of AI paradigms Continual Learning and Meta Learning in the industry sector of industrial manufacturing Robin Gansäuer
2022 MA Optimizing the storage location assignment in a high-bay warehouse with reinforcement learning. Dimitri Tegomo Nanfack
2022 BA The digital future of the craft sector - Construction of a knowledge base for the use of IoT sensor technology in the craft sector Lena Schuster
2022 BA Development of a Smart and Interactive Gantt-Chart for Assisted Production Planning Georg Wanja Zemke

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