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Fundamental or practice-oriented: we offer diverse and exciting topics for theses.

Are you looking for a topic for your bachelor or master thesis? Would you like to work on exciting projects during your studies?

We offer you many possibilities!

We offer thesis topics on the latest research or in cooperation with industry. The topics are:

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence in Industries
  • Semantic Data Management
  • Industrial Natural Language Processing
  • Transparent and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial Transfer Learning
  • Sensory Time Series Data Analytics
  • and much more!

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Open Bachelor thesis

Digital Transformation

  • Is Digital Transformation more than just a hype? (PDF)

Industrial Deep Learning

  • Recreation of a Reinforcement Learning Approach for Production Planning (PDF)
  • Interaktive Darstellung eines Roboters in Virtual Reality (PDF)
  • Optimierung von FEM-Simulationen mittels Graph Neural Networks (PDF)
  • Real-World Data Acqusition using Industrial Robots (PDF)

Interpretable Learning Models

  • Interpretability and Transparency of Vision Transformer Models (PDF)
  • An Overview of Customer Representation-Approaches in E-Commerce (PDF)
  • An Overview of E-Commerce Forecasting Tasks and How They are Solved (PDF)
  • Semantic Pattern Mining for Interactive Data Exploration (PDF)

Semantic Systems Engineering

  • Semantische Modellierung von Open Data mittels öffentlicher Ontologien (PDF)
  • Gemeinsame Embeddings von Text und Graphen (PDF)
  • Domänenspezifische Sprachmodelle in der semantischen Modellierung (PDF)
  • Aufbau eines Wissensgraphen auf Basis heterogener Datenquellen für die Domäne Produktion (PDF)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Auf Abstand - Anforderungen an Personal Space in Virtual Reality (PDF)
  • Authoring Doors  - Erstellen von Interaktionen und Beziehungen zwischen Objekten in der VR (PDF)
  • Betrachtung des Potentials von Virtual Reality als neues Lehr- und Lernmedium (PDF)
  • Das Ego erforschen - Persönliche Avatare in virutellen Lernumgebungen (PDF)
  • Direkt vs. Indirekt - Wann und wie man mit der virtuellen Welt interagiert (PDF)
  • Durchführung einer explorativen Studie zu Determinierung diverser Parameter für Text in VR (PDF)
  • Einfluss von Abstraktion in Virtual Reality auf den Lernerfolg (PDF)
  • Kombination von 360° und raumbezogener VR (PDF)
  • Recherche, Einordnung und Umsetzung diverser Lehr- und Lernmethoden für verschiedene Kontexte in Virtual Reality (PDF)
  • Visuelle Komplexität in virtuellen Lernumgebungen (PDF)

Open Master Thesis

Digital Transformation

  • Publications and Citations: The Carrot of Science (PDF)

Industrial Deep Learning

  • Leveraging Monte-Carlo Search for Reinforcement Learning Based Production Scheduling (PDF)
  • Interaktive Darstellung eines Roboters in Virtual Reality (PDF)
  • Optimierung von FEM-Simulationen mittels Graph Neural Networks (PDF)
  • Transfer Learning for Visual Quality Inspection based on a Normalizing-Flow-Architekture (PDF)

Interpretable Learning Models

  • Interpretability and Transparency of Vision Transformer Models (PDF)
  • Guided Visual Exploratory Data Analysis (PDF)
  • Semantic Pattern Mining for Interactive Data Exploration (PDF)
  • Deep Learning-Based Key Feature Extraction of Scanned Documents with Optical Character Recognition Algorithms (PDF)

Semantic Systems Engineering

  • Semantische Modellierung von Open Data mittels öffentlicher Ontologien (PDF)
  • Graph-Neuronale Netze zur Verbesserung der semantischen Kennzeichnung und Modellierung (PDF)
  • Gemeinsame Embeddings von Text und Graphen (PDF)
  • Domänenspezifische Sprachmodelle in der semantischen Modellierung (PDF)
  • Aufbau eines Wissensgraphen auf Basis heterogener Datenquellen für die Domäne Produktion (PDF)
  • Circular Economy Ontologies and Vocabularies and their Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Nutzerbasierte Evaluierung diverser Virtual-Reality-Interaktionsarten in unterschiedlichen Anwendungskontexten (PDF)
  • Untersuchung verschiedener Fortbewegungsarten in Virtual Reality in Bezug auf den Anwendungskontext (PDF)
  • Wo ist die Funktion? - Untersuchung diverser Konzepte für Menüs in Virtual-Reality (PDF)

Open thesis in cooperation with industry

  • Computer Vision & Image Evaluation for Automotive Windshields (Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Link)
  • Akustische Inspektion mit Deep Learning in der Thermomix Produktion (Vorwerk, PDF)
  • Machine und Deep Learning zur Erforschung der Stammdatenoptimierung (Dataservices & IT-Solutions, PDF)

Ongoing and completed thesis

Year Type Title Status
2022 MA Implementation and Evaluation of Representation Learning Approaches for Quality Classification of Arc Welding. in Progress
2022 MA Conceptualization, development and evaluation of a web-based demonstrator for the addressee-oriented conveyance of the methods and results of deep reinforcement learning based production scheduling. in Progress
2022 MA Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Long-Term Time Series Forecasting in Progress
2022 MA Considering Time in the Creation of Activity Embeddings in Online Shopping Sessions in Progress
2022 BA iterature analysis on the state-of-the-art of production scheduling using reinforcement learning. in Progress
2022 MA Investigation of multi-task transformer models for visual inspection of freight wagons. in Progress
2022 BA Investigation of time constraints for quality prediction in arc welding using deep learning. in Progress
2022 BA A Study of the Transferability of Machine Learning Methods on Different E-Commerce Forecasting Tasks. in Progress
2022 MA Improve Deep Learning-Based Recommender Systems by Learning Customer Preferences in Progress
2022 BA Cross Robot Imitation Learning through Behavior Cloning for Industrial Assembly in Progress
2022 MA Deep Reinforcement Learning for Job Shop Scheduling: Extension of a Python based Simulation Framework to include Transport and Retooling Times in Progress
2022 MA Evaluation and Comparison of Few-Shot Learning based Link Prediction Methods in Progress
2022 MA A Study of Recent Deep Learning-Based Recommender Systems by Evaluating Their Performance on Publicly Available Benchmark Datasets Completed
2022 MA Optimizing the storage location assignment in a high-bay warehouse with reinforcement learning. Completed
2022 BA Untersuchung ortsabhängiger Einflüsse auf Deep Learning Modelle bei der Vorhersage von Flusspegeln anhand realer Daten des Flusses Wupper Completed
2022 BA Investigation of the generalization ability of a reinforcement learning agent for production scheduling Completed
2022 BA Untersuchung der Generalisierungsfähigkeit eines Reinforcement Learning Agenten durch Permutationen in einem Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Completed
2022 MA Recognition of missing parts in interlocking brick models using neuronal networks trained with domain randomized synthetic image data. Completed
2022 BA An examination of the application of AI paradigms Continual Learning and Meta Learning in the industry sector of industrial manufacturing Completed
2022 BA Anomaly Detection on Discrete Multivariate Sensory Data using Autoencoders Completed
2022 BA Recognition of missing parts in interlocking brick models using neuronal networks trained with domain randomized synthetic image data. Completed
2022 BA The digital future of the craft sector - Construction of a knowledge base for the use of IoT sensor technology in the craft sector Completed
2022 BA Development of a Smart and Interactive Gantt-Chart for Assisted Production Planning Completed
2021 MA An explainable data-informed feature selection process enabling users to explore a given search space. Completed
2021 BA Analysis of Compositionality of Emergent Language from Referential Games Completed
2021 BA Meta-Continual Learning for Neural Networks in Predictive Quality Completed
2021 BA Physics Informed Machine Learning for Keypoint Extraction in Robot Kinematics Completed
2021 BA Imitation Learning with Action Suggestions by an Expert Completed
2021 MA Comparison of machine learning and optimal filtering methods for a predictive maintenance application for heating systems Completed
2021 BA Data-driven methods for efficient advanced driver-assistance systems recording Completed
2021 BA Web-based tool for interactively exploration and labeling of multivariate sensor data Completed
2021 MA Interpretation of Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Networks for Failure Predictions in Industrial Sensory Time Series Data Completed
2021 MA Dynamic Process Planning using Reinforcement Learning Completed
2021 MA Enhancing open data portals with descriptive texts by domain-independent data-to-text generation Completed
2021 MA Behavior-Preserving Action Space Mappings with Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Skill Transfer in Reinforcement Learning Completed
2021 MA Interpretable Domain Randomization for Reinforcement Learning with Disentangled Representations Completed
2021 BA Explorative analysis of geo data sets from municipalities in the Bergische Region Completed
2021 BA Training robust Reinforcement-Learning Agents for a Pick&Place Scenario with Domain Randomization Completed
2021 MA Comparison of Statistical and Deep Learning Methods to Predict the Remaining Useful Lifetime of Vaillant Gas Boiler Components Completed
2021 BA Sim2Real transfer of neural networks for the extraction of 6D-poses from images Completed
2021 MA Transferable Hierarchy Layers through Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Robots Completed
2020 MA Investigation of Behavior in Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents via Activation Pattern Analysis Completed
2021 BA Kombination von Skills in Reinforcement Learning Completed
2021 BA Einfluss des Trainingsintervalls von Produktembeddings auf die Performance von Empfehlungssystemen Completed
2020 BA Konzeptionierung und Umsetzung der Datenzusammenführung und des Feature-Engineerings für die Anwendung eines Predictive-Quality-Algorithmus am Beispiel einer SMD-Fertigung der Firma Vaillant Completed
2020 MA Entscheidungsunterstützung bei der Berechtigungsrezertifizierung im Identity-Management mittels Verfahren des maschinellen Lernens Completed
2020 MA NIMS-VIZ: An Interactive Tool to Visually Explore Convolutional Neural Networks Completed
2020 MA Transparency of Transformer Networks for Artificial Language Generation via Attention and Activation Visualization Completed
2020 BA Untersuchung der Neuronenaktivität in Künstlichen Neuronalen Netzen bei der Falschklassifizierung in Bildern des autonomen Fahrens Completed
2019 BA Incremental Class Learning of Neural Networks based on Ablation Studies Completed
2019 MA Interpretability of Neural Networks for Time Series Sensory Data Analysis Completed
2019 BA Data-Efficient Incremental Class Learning for Artificial Neural Networks Completed
2019 MA Steigerung der Dateneffizienz von künstlichen neuronalen Netzen für das Spritzgußverfahren Completed
2019 MA Digitalisierung der Lagerlogistik – Erstellen einer Software für Jungdruck zur Verbesserung der Lagerlogisitk und Vereinfachung der Kommissionierung Completed
2019 BA Wirtschaftliche Betrachtung der Nutzung künstlicher neuronaler Netze eines Verbundsicherheitsglasumformungsprozesses Completed
2019 BA Machine Learning for Anonymization of Unstructured Text Completed
2019 MA Implementation of an Adaptive Individualized System to Foster the Development of Academic Language Skills Completed
2019 MA Designing and developing a tool to augment browsing habits with a novel vocabulary trainer. Completed
2019 MA Visualizing Learning Representations of Artificial Neural Networks using Ablation Studies Completed
2019 BA Design of a Markup Language for Dataflow Driven Systems Completed
2019 BA Entwicklung eines semantischen Wissensgraphen mit Hilfe von Benutzer-Sucheingaben Completed
2019 BA Evaluierung KI gestützter Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten mobiler Schlaflabore mittels Ansätzen des maschinellen Lernens Completed
2018 BA Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Quality Criteria in Injection Molding Completed
2018 BA Reinforcement Learning based on Deep Q-Networks for Designing Optical Lens Systems Completed
2018 MA Modellierung eines Entscheidungsunterstützungssystems zur Erstellung von Stichplänen durch Supervised Learning Completed
2018 MA Deep Reinforcement Learning for Pass Scheduling in Heavy Plate Rolling Completed
2018 MA Model-free Reinforcement Learning using Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient for an RFID-Measurement System Completed
2018 MA Reinforcement Learning für die Planung von Achsenbewegung für CNC-Fräsmaschinen Completed
2018 MA Fully Automatic Extraction of Data from Data Visualizations in Documents Completed
2018 BA Neuroscientific Methods for the Understanding of Convolutional Neural Networks Completed
2018 BA Hypothesengetriebenes Vorgehensmodell für maschinelle Lernverfahren Completed
2018 MA Framework to Learn Semantic Concept Representations Completed
2018 MA Automatisierte Klassifizierung von Müdigkeit auf Basis von Eyetracking-Daten Completed
2017 BA Effiziente Prozessauslegung im Spritzgießen durch überwachte maschinelle Lernverfahren Completed
2017 BA A guideline for the usability of machine learning for production systems Completed
2017 BA Understanding Hot Rolling Processes using Machine Learning Completed
2017 MA Path Planning for Industrial Robots based on Direct Sensory Input with Reinforcement Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks Completed
2017 MA Uncertainty-aware Machine Learning Algorithms in Production Process Modelling Completed
2017 BA Untersuchung von rekurrenten neuronalen Netzen zur prädiktiven Analyse von Sensorwerten in der Produktionstechnik Completed
2017 BA Untersuchung von rekurrenten neuronalen Netzen auf die Eignung zur Vorhersage der zeitlichen Entwicklung von Sensorwerten im Bereich des Tiefziehens Completed
2017 MA Machine Learning for Predictive Analysis of Production Process Data Completed
2017 MA Machine Learning for Predictive Analysis of Sensor Time Series Data Completed
2017 MA Reinforcement-Learning Control-Agent für das Cart-Pole Swing-Up Szenario Completed
2017 MA Applying External Knowledge Bases and User-assisted Semantic Modelling to Evolve a Semantic Knowledge Graph Completed
2017 MA Extending Estimation of Parking Occupancy to Untracked City Areas using City Background Information Completed
2017 BA Using Map Revealing for Exploring Cities Completed

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