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Here we present TMDT's successfully completed dissertations. Learn more about the people and the research behind these accomplishments.


Guided Visual Interactive Exploration and Labeling of Industrial Sensor Data, Tristan Funken, 2023

Tristan's dissertation deals with an approach for guided exploration and labeling of industrial sensor data. Using real manufacturing processes, it is shown how this approach increases efficiency in the creation of high-quality labeled data sets and thus accelerates the use of AI models for the manufacturing industry.

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Machine Learning-based Predictive Quality in Manufacturing Processes, Hasan Tercan, 2023

Hasan Tercan's dissertation investigates quality predictions in manufacturing processes using machine learning. He introduces a process model called MERLIN, which is complemented by methods such as transfer learning and continuous training to increase the data efficiency of the learning models.

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Bottom-up Knowledge Graph-based Data Management, André Pomp, 2020

In this paper, a novel approach called Bottom-up Knowledge Graph is introduced, aiming to enhance semantic data management in enterprises by addressing the challenges posed by traditional ontology engineering in handling (semi-)structured data sources. Additionally, a semantic data platform (ESKAPE) is developed to demonstrate the benefits of the proposed approach.

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