Institute for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

DACE - Data Competence Center for Circular Economy Data

The Data Competence Center for Circular Economy Data (DACE) explores the necessary skills for the collection, evaluation and use of CE data by science and for the Circular Economy (CE). In particular, it enables researchers to work with CE data and networks actors in data-driven CE.

In this way, we fundamentally enable the research and implementation of energy- and resource-efficient CE. This is suitable for significantly reducing the extraction of resources from the environment and the release of harmful emissions through the effective and efficient use of materials and products in CE strategies (10R), such as reuse, refurbishment or recycling. However, it is dependent on a comprehensive database and the proper handling of this data. By implementing DACE, we are creating the basis for better measurement and evaluation of CE and CE strategies through the systematic handling ("competencies") of CE data in science, research, teaching and application. With this objective, DACE closes an important gap in the research and learning landscape for sustainable management.

The TMDT is focusing on three key areas of the project. First, an overarching academy program (DACE Academy) is being designed with the goal of developing and establishing a learning platform and designing and implementing a certificate program specifically tailored to the needs of science and education. Second, the TMDT focuses on the development and use of the data space for CE data (DACE Space). Thirdly, the TMDT is responsible for the development and management of the communication strategy.

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