Institute for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

TMDT scientists work on both basic and applied research topics.

Research at the TMDT is characterized by an interdisciplinary network of areas in computer science, economic, and social sciences. The TMDT pursues both a basic research-oriented and an application-oriented perspective. The five research areas are derived from this perspective and can be divided into the areas of data management and semantic technologies, modeling of artificial intelligence, transparency and interpretability of learning models, and communication and acceptance of intelligent systems. These topics are flanked by organizational and socio-economic considerations. The application areas of the research range from production and smart living to mobility and logistics.

Areas of Research

Applied AI, reinforcement learning, anomaly detection

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Sensor data analysis, transparency of machine learning and deep learning models

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Data management, knowledge graphs, semantic technologies

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User acceptance, explicatory models, participation concepts

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Authoring tools, educational processes, user experience and usability

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Areas of Application

Industry 4.0, smart factories and autonomy in production

Cooperative, connected and automated mobility

Future living, smart home and energy efficiency

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