Institute for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

PhD Process at the TMDT

Do you want to follow your call to research, take on responsibility in projects and possibly gain your first teaching experience? Take a look at the PhD process and the supervision we offer:

Phase 1:

Initiation of young research assistants at the chair.

As soon as you start your doctoral studies at the TMDT, you will get an overview of our research topics and subsequently be involved in a research project. You will get to know the TMDT team and the research topics from the affiliated disciplines. For our work, not only a disciplinary but also an interdisciplinary exchange is formative. In the course of the first year, you will decide on a topic for your dissertation, ideally close to your research project. You will then begin your familiarization with the current state of research in this field.

Phase 2:

A typical information exchange in a project team based on a scientific poster.

During the second phase, you will prepare your dissertation. Here, colleagues, your group leader, and Prof. Tobias Meisen will support you for a regular exchange. In addition to a weekly meeting within your team, a scientific colloquium with all scientific staff of the institute will take place every 6 weeks. There you will present the current status of your work as part of two dissertation presentations. This will give you practice in the disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary discussion of your topic and you will also get to know different other research topics over time. We place great emphasis on publishing your research: at least two papers per year at relevant scientific conferences or journals are desired. By contributing to national and international conferences, you will get to know your scientific community. 

Phase 3:

The awarding of the doctor's hat (here a particularly elaborate model) is a tradition in our company.

In the third phase, you will focus on completing your dissertation. This phase ends with the submission of your written dissertation, the subsequent oral defense, and the publication of your dissertation. After the oral examination, it is common to have a small reception with the presentation of the doctoral hat to review the past years and celebrate the achievement.

A scientific colloquium at the Institute for TMDT.

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