Institute for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

AGREED: Automation for flexible shell assemblies with digital intelligence

As part of the project, we are developing advanced AI methods for digitally supported aircraft shell construction. The aim is to make assembly processes more efficient, resource-saving and powerful, and to gain new insights into the improvement of AI systems in manufacturing. We are investigating this with two use cases: the automated control of robots for joining tasks and AI-supported adaptive work planning for semi-automated assembly.

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Bergisch.Smart: AI-based traffic management and collaborative digital map services

Within the scope of the project the TMDT is researching the implementation of an innovative data marketplace, which enables cities, companies and citizens to make static and real-time data available and to analyze them. For this purpose we investigate state-of-the-art technologies like knowledge graphs and deep learning.

You can find more information here.

Bergisch.Smart: Rethinking Mobility

As part of the project, we will enable citizens to become direct producers of products and services of a modern smart city by creating the basic technological structure on the one hand and imparting the necessary expertise on the other. To this end, the project will host various activities such as challenges and hackathons and challenge the creativity of local civilians.

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DIVABRE - Digital Valley Bergische Region

The goal of the project is to develop a platform for early networking between students and regional companies in the Bergisch region. On this platform, companies are given the opportunity to provide their own data science problems in defined challenges, which are then solved by students. Both in the conceptual design of the challenges and in the evaluation of the produced results, the TMDT supports in cooperation with partners from the university research (e.g. the IZMD) by experienced scientific staff.

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