Institute for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

Selected Topics in Data Science

Seminar participants will cover current research trends and established approaches in the field of Data Science. Participants can choose to complete the theoretical or the practical research project part of this seminar.

Projects from past semesters

Semester Title Type
SuSe 22 QR-Code Reconstruction from Low-Resolution Video Frames Applied
SuSe 22 Dataset Enrichment using Simulations Applied
SuSe 22 Water Level Prediction of the Wupper using PyTorch Forecasting Applied
SuSe 22 Implicit vs. Explicit Information for Neural Networks Applied
SuSe 22 Detecting valid robot poses with neural networks Applied
SuSe 22 How to measure similarity of robot poses Applied
SuSe 22 Setup of a Machine Learning Semantic Labeling Algorithm Applied
SuSe 22 Strengths and Weaknesses of Dispatching Rules in Production Scheduling Applied
SuSe 22 An experimental comparative study of time series databases Applied
SuSe 22 Literature Review for Flood Prediction Using Deep Learning Theory
SuSe 22 State of the art in optical character recognition (OCR) Theory
SuSe 22 How to detect fake news in social media Theory
SuSe 22 In data we trust? The gap between reality and algorithmic predictions Theory
SuSe 20 Robustes Reinforcement Learning durch Domain Randomization Applied
SuSe 20 Was wäre wenn? - Hindsight experience replay for Reinforcement Learning Applied
SuSe 20 Intrisische Motivation zur effizienten Exploration in Reinforcement Learning Applied

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