Institute for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

The TMDT is a pioneer of digital transformation for research and industry by researching and implementing (semi-) autonomous technical systems.

Digital transformation describes the transformative processes in society and the economy that are enabled by advances in sensor, connectivity, and storage technologies. This results in the progressive integration of intelligent, (partially) autonomous technical systems into our daily lives. The term intelligence refers to the perception, learning, and decision-making capabilities of the systems.

In its research areas, the TMDT deals with issues related to the realization of the capabilities of intelligent technical systems. It pursues a holistic approach, which not only investigates questions regarding the technical implementation and feasibility of the systems in industry, but also their sustainable and economic implementation and use. For this purpose, the TMDT is active in application-oriented research projects, which are characterized by close cooperation with partners from research and industry. The research results are made available to the scientific community through publications in relevant conferences and journals.

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