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Chair for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ing. Tobias Meisen

Digital transformation essentially pursues the goal of no longer using the resource of "digital information" only for controlling and planning, but rather to develop it as a value-adding resource within and outside of a company. Data science is considered one of the central enablers of digital transformation and has received a great deal of attention in recent years.

The focus of our research is on the study and development of methods, processes and systems of data science so that they can be successfully transferred to industrial application. We address basic research as well as applied and industrial research. We pursue a holistic approach, which not only investigates questions regarding the technical implementation and feasibility of data-driven methods and applications in industry, but also their sustainable and economic implementation and use.

The main focus of the chair is derived from this approach and can be divided into the topics data acquisition and management, modelling as well as transparency, communication and visualisation. The topics are flanked by organizational and socio-economic considerations. The application areas range from production and Smart Living to mobility and logistics.