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Chair for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ing. Tobias Meisen

Interpretable Learning Models

Our research group Interpretable Learning Models (ILM) focusses on data driven approaches and corresponding analysis methods for time series and image data in production environments. Our goal is to facilitate the application of state-of-the-art learning models in complex and challenging scenarios such as condition monitoring, predictive quality, or predictive maintenance. Our main research topics cover the facilitation of transparency and interpretability of trained learning models, with a strong focus on artificial neural networks and deep learning models, to soften their inherent black-box character enabling their robust and reliable application in these environments. To this end, we rely on a broad variety of classical analytical methods from the field of signal processing, and modern learning mechanisms from the current state of the art in deep learning research. Additionally, we take inspiration from the research field of neuroscience aiming to promote a new perspective on artificial learning models as objects of interest in large scale empirical studies. We strongly believe that interactive and visual exploration of learning models and their corresponding data is the key for better transparency and interpretability. We envision the future of artificial learning models to be just as tangible, accessible, and easy to investigate as common everyday objects in the palm of our hands.

Main Topics

  • Sensor time series data analysis
  • Sensor signal labeling
  • Sensor signal classification
  • Sensor signal anomaly detection
  • Sensor signal forecasting
  • Sensor signal recostruction
  • Sensor signal similarity estimation
  • Sensor signal importance estimation
  • Sensor signal segmentation
  • Sensor signal motif extraction

Application Areas

  • Manufacturing and production scenarios
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive quality
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Soft sensors


Richard Meyes, M.Sc.

Selected relevant publications

Tristan Langer; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Tristan Langer; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Richard Meyes; Constantin Waubert de Puiseau; Andres Posada-Moreno; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Richard Meyes; Moritz Schneider; Tobias Meisen
How Do You Act? An Empirical Study to Understand Behavior of Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents

Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Richard Meyes; Johanna Donauer; Andre Schmeing; Tobias Meisen
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Procedia Manufacturing, 34:789--797
ISSN: 2351-9789

Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Richard Meyes; Melanie Lu; Constantin Waubert de Puiseau; Tobias Meisen
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arXiv arXiv:1901.08644,

Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Richard Meyes; Melanie Lu; Constantin Waubert de Puiseau; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Richard Meyes; Hasan Tercan; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-industrial-deep-learning;research-interpretable-learning

Tristan Langer; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Peter Lillian; Richard Meyes; Tobias Meisen
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arXiv arXiv:1812.05687,

Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Marc Haßler; André Pomp; Christian Kohlschein; Tobias Meisen
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Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

Marc Haßler; Sabina Jeschke; Tobias Meisen
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Proceedings International work-conference on Time Series, (2):995--1006

Keywords: research-interpretable-learning

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