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Chair for Technologies and Management of Digital Transformation

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ing. Tobias Meisen

Applied Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Digitalization is having an impact on more and more central areas of life, leading to changes in social structures and a new social interaction. At the same time, the industrial benefits and the associated value of digital data have changed in recent years. The collection of data is no longer restricted to the boundaries of the company, but also includes user and usage data as well as data relating to further processing. Peter Sondergaard's statement in October 2011: "Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine" has thus become factually true. Of course, this is not just about owning digital data alone, but also or especially about the ability to generate added value from this data. Companies must face up to this change and deal with new market structures as well as these new environments, on the one hand because future employees come from this world and on the other hand because their customers develop a changed expectation attitude.

The goal of the research work "Applied Artificial Intelligence in Industry" is to accompany and support companies in the use and introduction of AI-based solutions. In doing so, the multitude of different challenges are identified, the data basis is analyzed and evaluated and individual possibilities and solutions are developed. In the course of this process further use cases are identified and evaluated. This enables us, for example, to develop and implement new services such as predictive maintenance and predictive quality for production.

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Selected relevant publications

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Keywords: topic-applied-ai

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Richard Meyes; Hasan Tercan; Tobias Meisen
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Richard Meyes; Hasan Tercan; Thomas Thiele; Alexander Krämer; Julian Heinisch; Martin Liebenberg; Gerhard Hirt; Christian Hopmann; Gerhard Lakemeyer; Tobias Meisen; Sabina Jeschke
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Procedia Manufacturing, 26:1065--1076
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Hasan Tercan; Toufik Al Khawli; Urs Eppelt; Christian Büscher; Tobias Meisen; Sabina Jeschke
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Richard Meyes; Hasan Tercan; Simon Roggendorf; Thomas Thiele; Christian Büscher; Markus Obdenbusch; Christian Brecher; Sabina Jeschke; Tobias Meisen
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Hasan Tercan; Toufik Al Khawli; Urs Eppelt; Christian Büscher; Tobias Meisen; Sabina Jeschke
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Procedia CIRP, 52:292--297
ISSN: 22128271
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