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Richard Meyes; Moritz Schneider; Tobias Meisen
How Do You Act? An Empirical Study to Understand Behavior of Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents
Richard Meyes; Constantin Waubert de Puiseau; Andres Posada-Moreno; Tobias Meisen
Under the Hood of Neural Networks: Characterizing Learned Representations by Functional Neuron Populations and Network Ablations
Andreas Burgdorf; André Pomp; Tobias Meisen
Towards NLP-supported Semantic Data Management
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.06916,
André Pomp
Bottom-up Knowledge Graph-based Data Management
of Berichte aus dem Maschinenbau
Publisher: Shaker, Düren
1. Auflage edition
ISBN: 9783844075311
Schirin Baer; Danielle Chelsea Turner; Punit Kumar Mohanty; Vladimir Samsonov; Jupiter Romuald Bakekeu; Tobias Meisen
Multi Agent Deep Q-Network Approach for Online Job Shop Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications (ICIEA)
Tobias Meisen; André Pomp; Max Hoffmann
Industrial Big Data: Modernes Informationsmanagement in der Produktion
Steven, Marion and Klünder, Timo, editor, Big Data: Anwendung und Nutzungspotenziale in der Produktion of Moderne Produktion
Publisher: Verlag W. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart
ISBN: 3170364766
Aymen Gannouni; Vladimir Samsonov; Mohamed Behery; Tobias Meisen; Gerhard Lakemeyer
Neural Combinatorial Optimization for Production Scheduling with Sequence-Dependent Setup Waste
IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)
Frank Hees; Gesa Horn; Kathrin Schönefeld
Integration von Produktion in den urbanen Raum
Nachhaltige Stadt of Jahrbuch / B.A.U.M. e.V
Publisher: ALTOP Verlags- und Vertriebsgesellschaft für umweltfreundliche Produkte mbH, München
ISBN: 3925646728
Schirin Baer; Punit Kumar Mohanty; Danielle Chelsea Turner; Tobias Meisen
Multi Agent Deep Q-Network Approach for Online Job Shop Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Multiple Machies (ICMSMM 2020)
André Pomp; Vadim Kraus; Lucian Poth; Tobias Meisen
Semantic Concept Recommendation for Continuously Evolving Knowledge Graphs
Filipe, Joaquim and Śmia\lek, Micha\l and Brodsky, Alexander and Hammoudi, Slimane, editor, Enterprise Information Systems of Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing Ser , page 361--385.
Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG, Cham
ISBN: 978-3-030-40783-4
Gesa Horn; Kathrin Schönefeld
AI for Future Mobility: What Amount of Willingness to Change Does a Society Need?
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems - Volume 1: SMARTGREENS , page 38--43.
Publisher: SciTePress,
ISBN: 978-989-758-418-3


Matthias Hansen; André Pomp; Kemal Erki; Tobias Meisen
Data-Driven Recognition and Extraction of PDF Document Elements
Technologies, 7(3):65
ISSN: 2227-7080
Christian Scheiderer; Timo Thun; Tobias Meisen
Bézier Curve Based Continuous and Smooth Motion Planning for Self-Learning Industrial Robots
Procedia Manufacturing, 38:423--430
ISSN: 2351-9789
Kathrin Schönefeld; Silke Frye; Tobias Haertel; Freya Willicks; Frank Hees
Interkulturelle und sozial verantwortliche Technikbildung-Die Ingenieure ohne Grenzen Challenge
Journal of Technical Education (JOTED), 7(1)
Max C., Sauer, Julia, Pomp, André, Kirmse, Andreas, Meisen, Tobias, Hees, Frank, Jeschke, Sabina Haberstroh
Method to Create a VR Event by Evaluating Third Party Information and Re-Providing the Processed Information in Real-Time
(United States Patent Application 20190213423)

Note: Patent

Gesa Horn; Christoph Klanten; Swetlana Mamonova; Kathrin Schönefeld; Leonard Simons; Lisa Seidel; Jérome Uelpenich
Forecasting Aachen 2030 -- Urbane Produktion in der Zukunftsstadt
MIA Expertisen,
Richard Meyes; Melanie Lu; Constantin Waubert de Puiseau; Tobias Meisen
Ablation Studies to Uncover Structure of Learned Representations in Artificial Neural Networks
Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI),
Richard Meyes; Hasan Tercan; Tobias Meisen
Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Production
Mobility in a Globalised World 2018, 22:308--324
Richard Meyes; Johanna Donauer; Andre Schmeing; Tobias Meisen
A Recurrent Neural Network Architecture for Failure Prediction in Deep Drawing Sensory Time Series Data
Procedia Manufacturing, 34:789--797
ISSN: 2351-9789
Richard Meyes; Melanie Lu; Constantin Waubert de Puiseau; Tobias Meisen
Ablation Studies in Artificial Neural Networks
arXiv arXiv:1901.08644,
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